By Jason O'Brien

Show this world that this is still a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.
JFK (1991)

Starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pesci, Sissy Spacek, Gary Oldman
Written by Zachary Sklar and Oliver Stone, Based on the books "On The Trail of the Assassins" by Jim Garrison & "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" by Jim Marrs
Producers: A. Kitman Ho and Oliver Stone
Cinematography: Robert Richardson
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Winner of two Academy Awards (Nominated for Best Picture and Best Director)

Oliver Stone's film JFK is not only Stone's best film, but also one of the greatest films of all time. JFK is everything the cinema was meant to be - entertaining, educational, visually stunning, wonderfully acted, craftily directed, brilliantly written and edited, and most important of all, moving. This film still remains one of the most controversial and hotly debated films of all time. Critics against the film complained that Stone mixed fact and conjecture so seamlessly that it is difficult to find the difference. In JFK, Stone solidified a brand new style of filmmaking - one of mixing differing film stocks, color and black and white film, and camera angles to paint a confusing portrait of one of the most confusing events of the recent 20th century - the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Instead of spending time reacting to the criticisms levied against the film, I will simply discuss the film itself and the history it portrays. The assassination of JFK was one of the most mysterious and tragic events in our country's history, and the explanation given to us by the Warren Commission of a single lone assassin is one of the most ridiculous theories ever presented. Tell me how a single lone assassin who was a marginal shooter could fire three shots from a manual bolt action rifle from a sixth floor window to a moving car below, causing nine wounds in two people from only three bullets, fire these three shots in 5.6 seconds when it required 2.1 seconds to recycle the rifle between shots (you can do the arithmetic), fire one magical bullet that goes through President Kennedy's neck and causes multiple wounds in Governor Connally while remaining completely intact, leave the firing shells lying neatly on the floor, hide the rifle on the complete other side of the sixth floor, run down six flights of stairs past two witnesses who claim to have never seen him, and end up on the second floor of the Depository within 90 seconds of the shooting looking completely calm. The Zapruder film shows Kennedy's head being thrust violently backward and to the left, completely inconsistent with a shot supposedly coming from behind - more consistent with a shot fired from the front and right, from the infamous Grassy Knoll. I could go on and on with the inconsistencies in the government's case, but the main crucial point is simple : If one bullet could not cause seven wounds in two men, there had to be a fourth shot - Oswald didn't have time to fire a fourth shot - therefore, a second gunman and a conspiracy.

What Oliver Stone did with this film was to analyze the mysterious evidence in the case and use the film as a canvas and a hypothesis to try to come to some conclusions about this tragic murder - Kennedy was killed for a reason, and we must analyze that reason to determine what happened in an effort to never let such a killing from happening again. I'm here to tell you that there was a conspiracy - it's undeniable. The Oswald theory falls apart even quicker than any other conspiracy out there. None of us really know the entire picture, but Stone comes pretty close to the truth. I've studied the JFK case independently for six years, and Stone's film simply tries to put together some of the pieces into a new history, because our kids cannot continue to be brought up being taught that Oswald killed Kennedy - something darker and much more sinister and tragic happened that day. Stone mixes documentary footage with hypothetical footage in a seamless flow which studies the case in all of its most minute details. It's ability to tell a detective story (it's based on the true story of Jim Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney who brought the only trial in the killing of John Kennedy) around the canvas of this country's largest nightmare becomes a stunning experience that leaves its mark in film history and truly moves the viewer - JFK is by far the greatest motion picture ever made, because it does all those things mentioned above, and most importantly, moves the viewer - so many people were moved to tears by this film, including me. The film towers as a strong political film, a strong human story, and a strong portrait of a nation losing its innocence.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy - November 22, 1963
My Research, Ideas, and Conclusions

Hitler always said - The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

The secret government of the United States showed its ugly face on November 22, 1963 - in the after rain sun of Dallas, Texas, at precisely 12:30 PM, our 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was gunned down in Dealey Plaza - less than a half an hour later, he was pronounced dead. The country was numb with disbelief. But the numbness of disbelief would show itself even more later on - as the government, in the form of the officially sounding Warren Commission, came up with a nice tidy explanation of the case - a case so full of holes that it's amazing that people still continue to believe it and still argue its points - that people like former President Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter, Dan Rather, and of course one of the later media darlings of the case, the ill-informed latecomer, Gerald Posner, still proclaim that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin. First, let's take a look at that wonderful government case and just let it destroy itself.

The True Fairy Tale - The Government Case

Now try to contain your laughter, but this is the following explanation given to the American public by what were supposed to be intelligent individuals (Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter, and Allen Dulles among them) and just see how it has trouble even standing up on its own -

A single lone assassin was responsible for the assassination - Lee Harvey Oswald - he fired only three shots in 5.6 seconds from a manual bolt action rifle with a poorly aligned scope. The first bullet missed, wounding bystander James Tague. The second bullet was The Magic Bullet - it caused seven wounds - two to Kennedy and five to Governor Connally - not only did it do this, but it paused 1.6 seconds in midair before entering Connally. This single bullet, after entering and re-entering two men ends up INTACT on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital - the final bullet strikes Kennedy in the head - supposedly all shots came from behind the motorcade from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Our villainous Lee Harvey Oswald walks from the building and supposedly decides to kill a Dallas police officer, J.D. Tippit - police take Oswald into custody - unlike all other political assassins in history, Oswald denies any crimes - before he gets to tell his history, a patriotic nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, shoots Oswald live on television while surrounded by cops in the basement of the Dallas police station - Oswald's dead - the first rule of assassination - kill the assassin.

Evidence for Conspiracy

The Warren Commission was one of the most disorganized and corrupt murder investigations there have ever been - I still find it amazing that they provided us such a ridiculous explanation. Soon after the release of the report, independent researchers began finding out more, and the case became much more darker - listed here are several strange incidents, coincidences, and witness testimony that even on their own prove there was a conspiracy in the assassination. These are all facts of the case and questions that must be answered that disprove the far-flung Warren Commission case - I ask anybody, especially Gerald Posner, to explain these events:

* Oswald does not shoot Kennedy coming up Houston Street which was the easier shot - instead, Kennedy turns onto Elm into a standard assassination triangulation of crossfire.
* The parade route was changed at the last minute to bring it into Dealey Plaza.
* Someone told Colonel Reich of the 112th Military Intelligence Group at Fort Sam Houston to have the group stand down that day - there was very limited protection for the President.
* The media van was placed 14th in the motorcade, where it could not cover the assassination.
* The Zapruder film shows Kennedy's head being thrust violently backward and to the left, which is inconsistent with a shot supposedly fired from behind.
* Lee Harvey Oswald was discovered only ninety seconds after the shooting, drinking a Coke calmly on the second floor of the Depository.
* Several witnesses stated that they encountered people identifying themselves as Secret Service agents all throughout Dealey Plaza - however, the Secret Service has said that they had no agents on the ground in Dealey Plaza at any time.
* Lee Bowers, a watchman at the railyard tower behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll, described two strange men behind the fence on the knoll - one dressed in a policeman's uniform.
* Several other witnesses, among them Gordon Arnold, told of the policeman behind the picket fence - in addition, Gordon Arnold, who had served in the military and knew the sounds of gunfire, stated that he heard a gunshot from behind him while standing on the Grassy Knoll.
* Photo enhancements of the Moorman photograph (original is below) show clearly a man with a rifle dressed in a policeman's uniform.
* There is evidence for several more shots fired in Dealey Plaza - witnesses and even acoustical evidence prove at least four shots.
* Immediately after the shooting, the entire telephone system in Washington went out for a solid hour.
* A third of the President's cabinet was in the air at the time of the shooting.
* There is strong evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other before the assassination.
* A telex was sent to all of the FBI offices around the United States a week before the assassination warning of a possible attempt on the President's life by a militant revolutionary group when he arrived in Dallas. After the assassination, the Bureau instructed all the offices to remove the telex, as an "embarassment" to the bureau.
* Before the assassination, around 12:15, a man had an epilectic seizure in Dealey Plaza - using up an ambulance that would later be needed for Kennedy - the epilectic never checked into the hospital.
* Trained Dallas doctors observed and reported Kennedy's throat wound as an entry wound, meaning he would have been shot from the front. The Dallas doctors observed the massive wound in the back of the President's head - how can this be an entrance wound of any kind? The wound measured about 5 cm across.
* The body of President Kennedy was essentially stolen from Dallas - Dallas doctors should have performed the autopsy - instead, Kennedy's body was flown back to Washington, for a military autopsy.
* News reports around the globe reported that Oswald had killed Kennedy and had background histories of this essentially unknown man in some cases hours before he was even charged with the crime of killing the President.
* Doctors at the autopsy were told not to discuss anything told or seen in the autopsy room - and Commander Humes was essentially told that Kennedy was shot from behind.
* President Kennedy's brain has never been found.
* Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald were clearly doctored and he was cleverly framed as a Communist to cement the image in the minds of the American public as a cold-blooded killer.
* More than 75 witnesses or people who have had knowledge of this case, have died mysteriously.
* Four days after burying Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson signed National Security Action Memo 273, which reversed Kennedy's Vietnam withdrawal policy, and began the worst war in this country's history.

These facts are undisputed - I hope every single person in this country will agree that there was a conspiracy in the assassination of John Kennedy - we were lied to. I think most people can agree with that - what most people can't agree about is who did it, the most important aspect of this crime. I've been an independent researcher in this case for seven years, and as such, I feel qualified to put together here my hypothesis for why Kennedy was killed, who did it, how they did it, and why they got with away it. I feel I can do this because the government has put together a theory so far from reality, that it's time that the American people hear an alternate version of these events - because something much more darker and sinister happened that November afternoon -

What Really Happened

To put it simply, President Kennedy was killed by a small group coordinated by rogue but powerful members of the CIA, Military Intelligence, the FBI, and the Mafia. Primarily, this was a CIA murder against its own President. There were several reasons - Kennedy posed a major threat to the establishment - he sought peace with the Soviets, to bring about the end of the Cold War. He refused to provide air cover for the exiled Cubans in the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961. He passed National Security Action Memos 55, 56, and 57, which basically ended the reign of the CIA - splintering it into a thousand pieces. The memos basically stated that all intelligence activities in peacetime would be transferred to the military. He fired Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, as well as Richard Bisell and General Charles Cabell - all powerful people. And finally, he set out to withdraw from Vietnam - ordering the first 1,000 troops home for Christmas. The assassination was never something directly ordered - no memos were handed out, no meeting were held - the individuals involved only knew what they needed to know - finally, a plan begins to form - the members of the establishment, the secret entity that really controls the running of the country, begin to put together a plan.

The CIA had already been used for plots to assassinate other foreign leaders - this team was simply brought into the United States, their target was the President. Lee Harvey Oswald, who worked for the CIA, knows of the plan but knows nothing of his part in it. He is sent to Russia and brought back - second Oswalds start appearing around Dallas making strong impressions on people bad-mouthing the President. The assassins are flown into the country - the security for the President is taken away - the parade route is changed - Oswald is told to be at the Book Depository that day but is not told the reason - before the shooting, the assassins take their places. Three teams - each with a shooter and spotter. One shooter behind the grassy knoll, dressed in a policeman's uniform. Men disguised as Secret Service agents keep other people off of the knoll, away from where the shooting will take place. One team is on the sixth floor of the Book Depository - another in a low floor of the Dal-Tex building. Kennedy's motorcade turns onto Elm Street - within 5.6 seconds, a total of six shots are fired - the first shot fired from behind misses completely. The second shot, fired from the front, hits Kennedy in the neck. Kennedy raises his arms to his throat - the third shot hits JFK in the back - the fourth shot fired from behind hits Connally - the fifth shot misses the car completely, striking the curb where James Tague is wounded by a fragment, the sixth shot hits Kennedy in the head, fired from the front and right. As the shooters disassemble their weapons and plant the one on the sixth floor to frame Oswald, Oswald realizes what has happened. During the assassination, Oswald was on the second floor of the Depository - he shot no one. He knew what happened and that he was probably the fall guy for the assassination. He leaves the Depository - meanwhile, the assassins have easily left Dealey Plaza while Lyndon Johnson is safely shuttled away and told that one man had performed the assassination and th ere was no need to worry about an international conspiracy. The cover-up begins, but doesn't work completely.

The conspirators didn't have to worry about making sure the cover-up worked - Lyndon Johnson was close enough to those bullets to know what they meant - four days later, he escalates the war in Vietnam and continues it throughout his entire Presidency. The Warren Commission provides a nice tidy explanation for a grieving American public, and the media cements the story in the minds of the public. No real investigation is undertaken, because the conspirators, because of their power, don't allow one to happen. Relevant witnesses die in mysterious accidents - people like Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone who try to bring the truth to light are portrayed as lunatics in the press. People in the media, like Dan Rather continue to go on, protecting this country's institutions, by saying that Oswald did it alone. Oswald was no angel, I agree - he knew about the assassination, and was the unlucky one to take the fall. Jack Ruby, who was clearly part of the Mafia, silenced Oswald forever - and he himself let the truth die with him. Most of those involved have let the truth die with them.

Instead of a government and a justice department, who are supposed to be acting for the people, investigating the case, independent researchers, historians, and even filmmakers have investigated the case because they love this country and its ideals - they realize that what happened to President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 could very easily happen again. A coup de tat took place in America that dark day, and the ones responsible escaped prosecution. They won - even though all of these parts fell apart, and the conspiracy has been revealed, it worked - JFK was killed, they had their war in Vietnam - industries made money, big business made money, the Cold War continued, they retained their power. The one thing that happened however, was that they had reared their ugly head in a big way, and nothing would ever be the same. The ideals of any kind of democracy in the United States crashed as soon as that final bullet blew apart JFK's head. That moment changed our country forever - the shadow government took over - took away one of the greatest Presidents this country ever had - JFK was on a path to greatness - with his death, came the most corrupt and evil politicians this country has ever seen to become its President - with Presidents like Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, the secret government and the power was able to go on in silence, continuing to make money, make this country's decisions, and turn democracy into something only for them.

The Kennedy assassination should make everyone so angry - this is not what the writers of our great Constitution intended for our country - it's not the America we salute every Fourth of July, it's not the America we learned about in school, it's not the America represented in the flag that rises above our land - our America is nothing like what it was intended to be, or what we think it is. If the death of our nation ever does occur, it's beginnings, the beginning of the downward spiral, will have begun when one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was brutally murdered.

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